Meet The MullenLowe NOVA Manila Judges

Meet The MullenLowe NOVA Manila Judges


Celebrated by TIME magazine as “rattan’s first virtuoso”, Kenneth is a global icon in furniture and industrial design. Organic and expressive, his award-winning pieces are revealed each year in design shows from Milan to New York. Kenneth is also awardee to a number of design awards: Five (5) Japan Good Design Awards, the French Coup de Coeur, and Designer of the Year by Maison et Objet Asia, to name a few.


From Lady Gaga to Hermes, Leeroy’s portfolio covers an impressive spectrum of genres: from visual arts to theatre, film, and fashion. The results are iconic: immersive installations that merge realities, fantasies, worlds. A highly-prolific artist known for bending genres – Leeroy embodies the most avant-garde of Philippine contemporary artistic practice and visual culture today.


To consider Mark as the Philippines’ top photographer is not a stretch: his diverse body of work for the past two decades have graced magazine covers and launched campaigns not only in the Philippines, but also in the United States and Asia. His focus is electric, if not notorious; his subjects, raw and majestic.


The designer of choice to presidents and celebrities, JC has been in the fashion business for close to three decades. A recognized master of form, JC is known for updating the proportions of the Filipino Terno (national dress) making them more modern and wearable. A pioneer and a true fashion icon.


Growing up in Mindanao, Len initially became enamored of the vibrant traditional garments of the Maranao, Yakan, and Higaunon tribes - a constant inspiration that led to her founding the artisanal fashion brand, Filip+Inna. Awarded as one of the country’s ‘People of the Year’ for 2019, Len continues to give the country’s tribal artisans their much-deserved spotlight in the global fashion scene.


Born in the Philippines and educated in London and Paris, Jam is the founder and the force behind the Bellas Artes Project, a non-profit foundation hosting both Filipino and foreign artists through its unique artist-in-residency program. The work focuses on local communities: to create art, discover their heritage, and ultimately, restore. In Manila, the work continues: she manages The Outpost, a dynamic art space bringing together artists and patrons.


Founder of "Tao", Eddie is the emerging face of modern and viable tourism in the Philippines. From sustainable design to natural farming, this acclaimed social enterprise keeps the spirit of art and community at its core; pushing boundaries (and setting limits) to responsible travel experiences in the country.


With years of marketing experience across a number of APAC countries, Dennis currently holds the Country Media Director position in Unilever Philippines, the country's biggest advertiser. In this role, Dennis leads the creation and execution of local media strategies for some of the world’s biggest brands in Personal Care, Home Care, Foods and Refreshments. A number of his works were recognized in local and international awards, including Festival of Media APAC (FOMA), New York Festivals, APAC Effie, WARC Media Awards, MMA Smarties and Tangrams Effectiveness @ Spikes.


Leigh is the President and Chief Product Officer of MullenLowe Philippines, and entered the Creative Guild Hall of Fame in 2015. She is currently Vice-President/Internal of the 2019 Board of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP). She co-chairs IMMAP DigiCon, the country's largest digital marketing and advertising conference.